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You don't just have dreams, you have GOALS!

You want a life you love SO MUCH you aren't just waiting for the weekend or your next vacation.

The Sciencey Spiritualist is founded on exactly that. Life is supposed to feel good, it should be a grand adventure filled with everything you want.

No really, the Universe WANTS us to be head over heels for our life.



For years people have been using Vision Boards to boost their manifesting efforts but lets face it, it can be a lot of tedious work to comb through countless magazines (and subsequent advertisements) to find images that kind of fit your vision. Or printing out low quality images you've spent precious time tracking down online. Maybe you've turned to creating an all digital Vision Board and while they are great, it just isn't the same as having a physical board in your environment.

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The Real Vision Board Magazine

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The Sciencey Spiritualist has done the leg work for you!



We have selected thousands of words and images to make your vision board as simple as sitting down and getting to work. Cutting, collaging, curating the perfect board to bring your vision to life is now as easy as ever!



With this ONE magazine you will have exactly what you need to get inspired. The Sciencey Spiritualist magazine is filled with articles written by other incredible women and entrepreneurs to get you EXCITED about what is possible for YOU. Every image has been hand selected by Billy Alice, Editor in Chief with you in mind.



Whether you want to manifest money, health, travel or a mix of all of it, you will find that within its pages. It has never been easier to create a vision board where you DON'T have to compromise.


The Sciencey Spiritualist Magazine is  now available and here to be your go to for Inspiration and helping you Manifest a life you love SO much, you don't need a vacation from it.

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