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Hey there, I’m Amy! While I prefer the title “Awesomely-Cool Operations Boss,” most would consider me an Operations Strategist & Coach for female entrepreneurs who want more — more freedom, more success, and honestly, a lot more fun in their business! (and more traveling, more nachos, and more margaritas, probably. No? Just me?)


The amazing women I work with are ready to ditch the overwhelm that comes with being in charge of all of the things and fully step into their role as a CEO. But not the kind of CEO that works 80+ hour work weeks and dreads putting her feet on the ground every Monday morning. I am talking about the kind of CEO that has control of her business, her time, and unlimited financial potential!


As the founder, lead integrator, and CEO (see aforementioned definition of CEO, because I don’t want you to get it twisted) of The Operations House, I want to help your business become simpler and more profitable as you scale in a personalized, strategic way. With the white-glove service of my team (channeling my inner Olivia Pope), we make scaling as headache-free as possible, and then do it with some flair.

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